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We connect firms, brands and agencies with top digital marketing, UX/UI, design, content strategy and development professionals. We source permanent and temp hires.

When the right people come together, extraordinary things happen. At Creative Niche, we know that great talent creates great organizations. That’s why we build teams, not just fill positions. It’s this approach that has led us to become the largest recruiting firm of its kind with more than 80,000 professionals on our roster, a vast network of Fortune 500 clients, and a track record of over 14,000 successful placements.

For decades, we’ve been connecting organizations of all types with digital, design, communications and marketing professionals who make a difference. Whether it’s guiding you through the search for a new executive, finding a permanent hire, or bringing in someone to cover a short-term project, we’ve got you covered.

You need it. We’ll find it.

We don’t just fill roles. We make meaningful and impactful matches. It’s this simple statement that formed our identity and ensures our commitment to excellence. And this only happens when all parties involved are satisfied

Giving back is a big part of what we do. Why? Because it matters. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. In addition to providing mentoring and career support to university students across Canada, we’ve donated over $2 million in time and funding to organizations battling homelessness, environmental non-profits, and creative arts education for disadvantaged youth. 

Creative Niche Team

We’re really picky. We know our clients won’t settle for anything but the best, so naturally, we only hire the best. And that’s what makes our team so extraordinary. Each Nicher brings a dynamic portfolio of experience, skills, and insights you truly won’t find anywhere else.

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Mandy Gilbert
Founder & CEO
416.360.3893 ext. 221


Theresa Casarin
VP, Talent, Canada
416.360.3893 ext. 245
Jenny Gilbert
Engagement Director, Toronto
416.360.3893 ext. 232
Krista Moss
Senior Engagement Manager, Toronto
416.360.3893 ext. 238
Debra Sharpe
VP, Client Services, Ottawa
Elaine Diona
Client Services Manager, Toronto
416.360.3893 ext. 241


Theresa Casarin
VP, Talent, Canada
416.360.3893 ext. 245
Irene Karabassis
416.360.3893 ext. 250
Maria De Los Reyes
Director of Client Services
416.360.3893 ext. 248
Gabi Syberg-Olsen
Contract Recruiter
Marta Gnatek
Client Services Manager
416.360.3893 ext. 223
Dorothy Moe
Director, Client Services & Brand
416.360.3893 ext. 230
Monica Gonzalez
416.360.3893 ext 226
Gabrielle Gunawan
416.360.3893 ext 227


Jayla Mortensen
Executive Assistant to Mandy Gilbert
416.360.3893 ext. 237
Alecia Burgess
416.360.3893 ext. 246
Laura Camozzi
Engagement Specialist
416.360.3893 ext. 233
Jade Yourth
Marketing Manager
416.360.3893 ext. 224
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