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Do Millennials Keep Ditching You? Here’s Why.

Today, Millennials make up 35% of the workforce, and by 2020, that number will grow to 46. Successful companies all know the value of having Millennials on their team – they can be inspired, hard-working, and add crucial insights and relevancy to their projects. The biggest, fastest-growing... READ MORE

Why interviewing Millennials takes a different touch

Millennials—every employer wants them, but most have a tough time figuring them out. Part of the challenge with understanding Millennial employees, their work styles and unique generational attributes often becomes most glaring when organizations meet these prospective new employees in an interview... READ MORE

Are You Discovering and Sustaining Workplace Talent?

Developing talent within the workplace is an essential factor in a company’s success, new research suggests. 78 percent of U.S. adults agree that “if the U.S. fails to develop a more talented workforce, it will fall behind other countries.” But many employers are unsure of how to do this. How... READ MORE

The Importance of the Recruiter Interview (and why it might be the most important one you ever attend)

  One of my favorite things to do is to meet and interview our creative candidates. Ask my teammates, read my bio, hear it from me here: I love recruiting and interacting with creative professionals. Introducing them to my colleagues and helping them find incredible opportunities is the most... READ MORE

7 Steps to Stress-Free Sunday Nights

Ah, sleep. What should be the most blissful and peaceful part of our day can be oh-so-elusive. Did you know that of all seven nights of the week, people are most likely to stress out on Sundays? That’s because when, instead of tucking in early and gently falling into a restful slumber, we all worry... READ MORE

Why unrealistic job descriptions are a recipe for disaster

Wouldn’t it be great to hire a creative professional versed in all the latest and greatest technologies? And when I say ‘all’ I mean almost every single one. There are many organizations that post job descriptions which make it seem like that really is their ultimate goal: finding a new employee... READ MORE

AD AGE: Yes, There Is a War on Advertising. Now What?

Okay, quick poll: who’s using AdBlock on their browser right now? With Apple’s latest mobile operating system boasting an easier ability for apps to block ads in Safari browsers on the iPhone, the ad apocalypse is near. Or has it already begun? The number of people actively blocking ads in the U.S... READ MORE

Three must-have qualities that every agile developer needs

Agile has become an increasingly important buzzword for anyone working in the creative or IT recruitment field in recent years. In fact, agile development has become the gold standard process across many organizations, helping software developers improve communication, collaboration and innovation... READ MORE

How to Stop Managing and Actually Start Leading

If you think managing and leading is the same thing, that’s your first mistake. Managers follow established paths. Sure, those paths are safer, and provide easy ways to benchmark your team’s performance against those of others. But that is a recipe for sameness, not innovation. True leaders forge a... READ MORE

Here’s what it takes to build a career in user-experience design

In our digital world, the quality of the user experience means everything. That would explain why some of the most in-demand digital professionals are user-experience (UX) and user-interface (UI) designers. Their primary task is to ensure that users interact in an efficient and effective way. UX/UI... READ MORE