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5 Things Your Business Should Do During the Summer Slowdown

It’s the dead of summer. If it seems like your clients are MIA, your office is running at half capacity and your once-overflowing inbox is almost suspiciously empty, then it’s fair to say that the summer slowdown has taken effect in your business. The “season of auto-reply” may be frustrating for... READ MORE

Are you sabotaging staff morale in your business?

We’ve all had one. Bad bosses come in many shapes and forms. From the quick temper to the irritatingly indecisive, it doesn’t take much to become an ill-equipped leader. Yet often it’s not until employees quit — or a bad manager is replaced — that leaders start to reflect on how their own actions... READ MORE

How to invest in your employees beyond giving a raise

When it comes to retaining your team, money isn’t everything. Sure, salary increments are always going to be an employee’s top concern, but there are other ways to show value that doesn’t equate to another zero on the end of a paycheque. Personal investments are often more valuable and effective... READ MORE

Fill out the 2016/2017 Creative Earners Salary Survey!

Calling all Canadian creatives! Spend 15 minutes and help build an economic profile of the national creative industry  English and French versions of the National Survey of Creative Earners, produced by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD), Creative Niche and the Graphic Designers... READ MORE

The Trials and Tribulations of a Candidate Market

A candidate market is a situation where there are a large number of jobs in a certain market and not enough great candidates to fill them. There are lots of ways this can happen, such as in just one particular industry and not another, or in just one location and not a nearby (or distant) one. So... READ MORE

3 Things the Most Creative Leaders Do

If you pay close attention to the creative leaders at some of the world’s most innovative companies, you’ll notice they share a few things in common. They likely do these three things to nurture creative talent around them. According to Tom Kelly, a contributor to Harvard Business Review, these... READ MORE

5 Ways to Create a Modern Agency for the New Year

If you want your agency to stay afloat in this changing marketplace, it’s likely you’re striving to become a “modern agency”. But what makes an agency modern, exactly? Is it going purely digital, and never creating a print ad or TV spot again? Not quite. While the definition of a modern agency is... READ MORE

It’s a candidate’s market, so be prepared to pay for digital talent

If you’ve tried to fill a UX, UI or app designer/developer role, or maybe tried to hire a digital planner, strategic marketer, or data architect over the past couple of years, you’ve probably noticed a shift in the balance of power when it comes to salary negotiations. Let me put it bluntly: You... READ MORE

Notice to all potential job candidates

We recently have become aware of a mail scam wherein recipients have obtained fake employment offers and cheques using our business name, in an apparent attempt to defraud would-be job candidates.  Please be advised that Creative Niche Inc. does not solicit candidates for employment via mail - nor... READ MORE

What Will the Most Important Design Jobs Be in the Future?

Design and technology have always been inexorably linked. As technology has evolved, so too have design jobs, in order to fulfill new design needs created by emerging technology. Yesterday’s packaging designers, for example, are today’s UX designers. As our ability to develop organ tissue grows,... READ MORE