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6 Things You’re Doing That Will Ruin Your Big Job Interview

Job hunting is a long, gruelling process that will test your perseverance, self-esteem, and patience. Writing or updating a resume is a task no one enjoys, but something we all do to get to that all-important interview. So after you’ve put together resume after resume and submitted application... READ MORE

What recruiters and casting directors have in common

  Casting directors are the unsung heroes of film who do nothing but cast actors in films. Arguably, there are few responsibilities on a movie set as important as deciding who will play what could become an iconic character—or, when the wrong choice is made, who might become a cinematic... READ MORE

Fast Company: Making Company Culture Stick

In our rapidly-expanding digital world, one major factor that differentiates one successful company from the next is its culture. A company’s culture can’t just be a dusty motto that is read once by new hires and immediately forgotten about, it has to be infused in the everyday lives of each... READ MORE

Creative Niche’s Theresa Casarin to host FITC Web Unleashed panel on future of digital work

Imagine your fridge communicating with your mobile phone without much (or any) direct involvement from its owner—just an automatic notification when you run low on food. Or picture carrying a mobile phone with the computing power that easily exceeds that of an early-generation laptop. That used to... READ MORE

Can You Be Both Happy AND Burned Out?

Do you feel happy at your job? If you’re like most people, you do. When a recent survey report asked if office workers were happy at work, 43% of respondents answered “very happy”, with an additional 43% responding “somewhat happy”. Those are remarkably high happiness numbers for a desk job, so... READ MORE

Creative Niche's Top Podcast Recommendations

Podcasting might be the most powerful form of content out there because it hurdles over bureaucracy, focus groups and nervous sponsors to deliver ideas, discussions, stories and jokes the way their creators intended. And for the most part, they’re 100% free. Podcasts are small in file size (between... READ MORE

How to Avoid The "I Was Just Doing What I Was Told" Effect

Any good leader wants their employees to be driven and motivated. The trouble is, when it comes to the daily interactions between leaders and their employees, too often those interactions are just instructive. “Here’s what I need you to do.” While these directions can make the leader feel powerful... READ MORE

Are You Hiring People Because They're Just like You? Stop.

Cultural fit has become a primary factor when hiring a new employee. While that’s important to a certain extent, the problem is that more often than not that’s transforming simply into whether the candidate is similar to the person doing the hiring. Do they play the same sports? Do they have the... READ MORE

Is your business facing tough times? Get ready to refocus your team

Every organization, no matter the size, faces challenges from time to time. That might come in the form of an economic shock such as a recession, or an internal cultural issue such as a workplace investigation gone wrong. It could even be due to the resignation of a key manager or staff member.... READ MORE

TED Talk: Why It's Time to Forget the Pecking Order at Work

Margaret Heffernan gives an eye-opening TED Talk you don’t want to miss. Beginning by referencing an interesting experiment done on chickens by evolutionary biologist William Muir to see how to maximize their productivity, a surprising conclusion is drawn that can be applied to the way most... READ MORE