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Hiring managers need to prepare for interviews, too. Here’s why

We’ve written a great deal in this space about why candidates need to spend significant amounts of time preparing for job interviews. From organizing impressive portfolios to readying answers to a wide array of questions, it always pays to prepare well in advance in the hopes of ‘wowing’ a... READ MORE on 7 Marketing Lessons We Can All Learn from Taylor Swift

What was the last song you heard on the radio? Chances are, it was probably by Taylor Swift. The multi-platinum singer and songwriter certainly has a knack for creating catchy tunes that worm their way into your ears and up the Billboard charts. But her talents don’t stop there. (And no, we’re not... READ MORE

Can’t make the right UX or data fit? It might be time to reconsider your search criteria

Let the rush to hire data and user-experience (UX) professionals begin. Or, more accurately, let it continue. For the past two years, we’ve seen a rapid surge in demand to fill roles for UX researchers and designers, data architects, data scientists and project managers with UX or data-related... READ MORE

Inc. on mastering the art of managing people

Inc. magazine editor Leigh Buchanan set out to accomplish a tough task in a recent article: how to explain and offer insight into the fine art of managing people. In it, she interviewed CEO Eric Ryan, co-founder of hand wash producer Method, to find out what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes... READ MORE

Why your marathon application process could be a turn-off for top talent

The digital era revolutionized the recruitment industry in many ways—too many to outline in detail here—but one of the most noticeable was the way it streamlined the online application process. Remember when applicants would fax or mail resumes to a prospective employer? If you were born after 1990... READ MORE

HBR on when it’s time to fire a ‘good enough’ employee

Every company has them—employees who are good at their jobs, but not great. They might be slightly disengaged, or perhaps weren’t overly talented when first hired, but managed to slip through the recruitment cracks to land a job. Whatever the reason, they simply fail to perform to the high... READ MORE

When interviewing job candidates, don’t be too quick to judge

Remember that deodorant advertisement which boldly proclaimed that ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’? Turns out the logic has application beyond the realm of personal hygiene. The same is true in the business world, particularly when recruiting top talent. These high-... READ MORE

Why entrepreneurial environments are not for everyone

A lot of us love the idea of working in an entrepreneurial environment. The thought of helping to grow the next Google, Apple, Zappos or Shopify has huge appeal. The fast pace, unpredictable nature of the work and potential financial upside (when share ownership is on the table, for example) are... READ MORE

Brazen Careerist on the myth of work-life balance

We all want to believe that it’s possible to achieve reasonable work-life balance, but is it really? Maybe not, says Nidhi Thapar in a piece for Career Brazenist. In fact, she says that trying to separate the two might be the wrong approach in the first place. Instead, she believes that true... READ MORE

The Guardian on how not to be a terrible manager

Ever worked for a narcissist? Maybe a serial critic or a boss who simply ignores you, but then expects unrealistic results without providing any form of support? If you answered ‘yes,’ you’re likely not alone. As Graham Scrivener writes in The Guardian, all too often it’s these very individuals who... READ MORE