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TED Talk: Why It's Time to Forget the Pecking Order at Work

Margaret Heffernan gives an eye-opening TED Talk you don’t want to miss. Beginning by referencing an interesting experiment done on chickens by evolutionary biologist William Muir to see how to maximize their productivity, a surprising conclusion is drawn that can be applied to the way most... READ MORE

Creative Niche’s great summer reads of 2015

To some, the ideal summer read is a throwaway piece of pulp, perfect for whittling away the hours by some shimmering body of water. And while there’s nothing wrong with that (it can’t all be Dostoevsky), even a tiny bit of strategy can go a long way. With that in mind, the team at Creative Niche... READ MORE

HBR's Leadership Behaviours That Make or Break a Global Team

While working on a global team comes full of promise, such as accessing big new markets and resources around the world, the reality of working on a global team is often less rosy. True connectivity proves difficult, and the team at the head office often feels that they have to carry the brunt of... READ MORE

Does sales really need marketing? 3 lessons for B2B marketers

As a business-to-business (B2B) marketer here at Creative Niche, I struggle with a different set of challenges than my business-to-consumer (B2C) counterparts at other companies. That latter group is concerned with selling their products or services to segmented groups of the general public. They... READ MORE

Are You Negotiating for Vacation Time Right?

Whether you’re in a position to negotiate a promotion or simply feel you deserve additional perks after a job well done, vacation time is an often-overlooked aspect of negotiations at work. Deborah M. Kolb from the Harvard Business Review put together a foolproof strategy for making sure you’re... READ MORE

Forget the stereotypes. It’s time to give Millennials a chance

It’s a common challenge for many junior professionals—they have strong skill sets, but lack real-world experience to display on their resumes. As a result, they’re automatically disqualified from positions that insist on a minimum level of work experience. In other words, there are a huge number of... READ MORE

Is social media going to get you fired?

Remember Shawn Simoes? The Hydro One employee fired for shouting “F–k her right in the p—y” on live TV to a female reporter? Or Justine Sacco, a corporate communications director let go after tweeting “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white”? These are just two examples of... READ MORE

Hiring managers need to prepare for interviews, too. Here’s why

We’ve written a great deal in this space about why candidates need to spend significant amounts of time preparing for job interviews. From organizing impressive portfolios to readying answers to a wide array of questions, it always pays to prepare well in advance in the hopes of ‘wowing’ a... READ MORE on 7 Marketing Lessons We Can All Learn from Taylor Swift

What was the last song you heard on the radio? Chances are, it was probably by Taylor Swift. The multi-platinum singer and songwriter certainly has a knack for creating catchy tunes that worm their way into your ears and up the Billboard charts. But her talents don’t stop there. (And no, we’re not... READ MORE

Can’t make the right UX or data fit? It might be time to reconsider your search criteria

Let the rush to hire data and user-experience (UX) professionals begin. Or, more accurately, let it continue. For the past two years, we’ve seen a rapid surge in demand to fill roles for UX researchers and designers, data architects, data scientists and project managers with UX or data-related... READ MORE