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Why Choose Creative Niche.

Looking for reliable work? We would love to help! We connect firms, brands and agencies with top digital professionals from strategy to design. We source permanent and temp hires.

Our Referral program
continues to bring in top talent.

Do you have a colleague, friend or associate looking to make a move? We’d love to hear from them, and you!

If it creates a successful match you’ll receive a one-time referral bonus of $100 to $1000*, depending on the position filled. Please include your referee’s name in your online application so that we can say thank you!.

A Wealth 
Of Experience

We have a wealth of experience we’re happy to share in order to help you land your next big role of any level.

Work perks

We offer exclusive Work Perks to all of our candidates, from BikeShare memebrships to GoodLife memberships, you’re covered.

Referral Bonus

Need some passive income? You could earn a substantial referral bonus if you send a successful candidate our way.

Very Well

We are connected with fortune 500’s design and ad agencies, government organizations that are looking for you.

Exclusive Offers 
And Opportunities

We trust in our employees because we make sure that we are choosing smart, experienced, and hard working professionals.

We Love 
Building Careers

Why partner with Creative Niche? Because we don’t find jobs, we build careers-careers that send satisfaction soaring.

We are always ready to help you.

Connecting you with the best contract, freelance, full-time, roles is our job. Let us help you find yours. Sign up for our weekly Job Blast!


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