From placing freelancers and permanent staff to conducting executive searches and providing payroll services, our work is far from monotonous.

We have 50,000 professionals on our roster, as well as a network of partners who offer value-added services – among them, ADC Global, RGD and local organizations like FITC and DevTO. So contact us today to discuss your needs and let’s get down to business.


Freelancers are standing by.

Your art director’s on vacation. Your copywriter’s on maternity leave. You’re pitching a stellar project, but lack the digital expertise. Creative Niche can help.

Be it a few off-site hours, a 12-month in-house gig or the need for an entire virtual team customized to address a specific project, we’ll scout and recruit the right freelance talent faster than you can say “we need more hands on deck.”


Permanent placements guaranteed.

Our global talent network gives you access to the best creative professionals in the world. We’re so sure of it, we guarantee all permanent placements.

Of course, given the customized search strategy we undergo to find you the perfect skill set and cultural match, long-term recruitment success is practically a given, but the fact we offer a guarantee is certainly nice to know.


Streamline your payroll.

You got into this business because you relish the thought of creating industry-leading work – not reconciling freelancers’ invoices with project dockets. Fortunately, there’s more to Creative Niche than creative staffing. We can help you save time, energy, money and hassle by handling the contracting and payrolling of local, national and international freelancers on your behalf.

Acting as your freelancers’ employer or agent-of-record, we’ll assume employment liability and reduce the administrative burden of payroll onboarding and remittances.

Experience the benefit of online and mobile timesheet entry with easy, one-click approval. Enjoy the simplicity of being able to consolidate all your freelance costs onto one tidy invoice.

Need more customized billing? You’ve come to the right place. Our payroll team will be happy to oblige.


We find and place talent in a myriad of roles.

Whether you’re looking to hire or be hired, look to Creative Niche. We place professionals in practically every advertising, communications, interactive and marketing role. Browse job openings, check out our talent roster, or contact us to discuss your unique needs.