Junior UX Designer – New York City, USA

UX Designer who has worked with American National Standards Institute, Knew!, and Flowback. He has worked on responsive web projects, applications, full site builds, site redesigns, and conducted A/B testing. Despite his short experience, he is comfortable presenting to stakeholders.

When it comes to creating wireframes, his tool of choice is Sketch, but he can also use Illustrator and OmniGraffle. He is also proficient in coding graphic design and sound production. His software skills include Invision, Marvel, Hype, Reason, Photoshop, Illustrator, POP App, Balsamiq, Pro Tools, and Ableton Live.

His skills also include sketching, writing, copy editing, prototyping, user testing, A/B testing, wireframing, mockups, user interviews, persona creation, user flows and video editing.

He is a multi-faceted, multi-instrumentalist with unlimited potential.

Want to see his portfolio? Contact toptalent@creativeniche.com