Creative Director – Cincinnati, USA

This Creative Director has nearly 20 years' experience in the industry, half of which have specifically been at the Creative Director level.He has worked for the retailer Darice, in addition to Hasbro, Funology in NYC, and Cap Toys.  creative career began in product development, working on a candy brand for Disney expanding into toys over time.

Since then, he has worked extensively with clients to develop retail branding strategies and products, plan, design, and develop retail spaces, tradeshow experiences, graphics, and packaging.

While he still remains very hands-on with the design process for his projects, he is also very adept and experienced at handling client-facing responsibilities including working with retailers and buyers, negotiating and securing retail space and visibility, developing program and retail strategies and overseeing installations.

In one of his roles, he developed and managed a full team, starting with just seven and growing the team to approximately 30.

This candidate works with clients to breathe new life into retail environments, understand sales and consumer insights, and to understand their specific industry trends.

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