Whether you’re looking for a chief creative officer or a marketing director, a digital strategist, web developer, copywriter, social media guru or marketing-communications specialist—or any creative type in between—we’ll be sure to introduce you to the best of the best from our fast-growing network of more than 10,000 pre-qualified creative, digital and marketing-communications professionals. Each week, we use this section to showcase new additions to the Creative Niche family, while re-introducing you to some of our best and brightest creative professionals. Can't find the right candidate? Don't hesitate to contact us and one of our Nichers will be delighted to discuss your business needs, preferences and even craft a job description.

EY | Junior Front-End Developer – Toronto, Canada

EY is a Junior Front-end Developer with experience implementing websites from new designs, reorganizing style sheets and designing new features including real-time updates in the financial, mobile start-up and telecommunications sectors. She is design minded and has experience with designing... READ MORE

PM | Senior Copywriter – New York City, USA

PM is an award-winning Senior Copywriter with over 10 years' experience writing for clients across several verticals including the healthcare space. PM has worked with Ernst & Young, Barclays Capital and others. PM's specialty is taking dry, complex material and making it palpable for a variety... READ MORE

AJ | Senior UI Designer – New York City, USA

AJ is a Sr. UI Designer who has worked on the user interface design for a variety of large, notable properties including NFL Sunday ticket. AJ has worked in creative agencies designing websites, microsites, mobile sites, applications, and games. Additionally, AJ has handled QA work and is able to... READ MORE

LE | Senior Presentation Designer – New York City, USA

LE has a wealth of presentation experience and has designed decks for companies like Macy's and agencies like Cline Davis & Mann. She has created a wide range of presentations including new business pitches, sales pitches, rebranding concepts, designs, and management presentations. LE is able... READ MORE

RS | Junior Web Developer – Cincinnati, USA

RS a Jr. Web Developer who has gained experience working with his own freelance clients to develop responsive sites using HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, and JavaScript for web functionality. RS typically builds client sites from the ground up but has also worked with WordPress and Bootstrap. Additionally, he... READ MORE

CB | Project Coordinator – Cincinnati, USA

In his last full-time job, CB was a support resource for 14 project managers in a role where he was responsible for managing the flow of each of their projects, sometimes handling up to 170 at a time, all in different stages. CB is comfortable liaising with senior managers on behalf of the project... READ MORE

MS | Content Specialist – Ottawa, Canada

MS is a professional Writer and Social Media Specialist with experience creating original content for multiple businesses, festivals and technology news sites and working collaboratively with clients, designers and editorial teams. MS has experience using SEO, web and social media analytics tools,... READ MORE

AM | Senior Communications Consultant – Ottawa, Canada

AM is a creative and energetic Communications Consultant with 5+ years’ experience in social media, communication strategy, and project management. AM's core strengths include communications across a broad sector base, conflict resolution, and change management training. She has a demonstrated... READ MORE

JB | Graphic Designer – Ottawa , Canada

JB is an award-winning Graphic Designer with over 25 years experience in the marketing and media production industry. He is well versed in large scale and multi-faceted projects with a strong presence in business management. This professional utilizes his expertise in the areas of graphics and... READ MORE

IS | Designer / Developer – Toronto, Canada

IS is a Junior Designer / Developer with over two years' agency and client-side experience. IS takes a strong UX approach to her work and her experience includes developing and testing responsive websites, promotional pages and ad campaigns, as well as creating wireframes. She is very proficient... READ MORE