Whether you’re looking for a chief creative officer or a marketing director, a digital strategist, web developer, copywriter, social media guru or marketing-communications specialist—or any creative type in between—we’ll be sure to introduce you to the best of the best from our fast-growing network of more than 10,000 pre-qualified creative, digital and marketing-communications professionals. Each week, we use this section to showcase new additions to the Creative Niche family, while re-introducing you to some of our best and brightest creative professionals. Can't find the right candidate? Don't hesitate to contact us and one of our Nichers will be delighted to discuss your business needs, preferences and even craft a job description.

JC | Account Manager – New York City, USA

JC has about 10 years’ of experience working in an account role in the creative industry with a focus in activations and shopper marketing in the alcohol or spirits space. JC has experience providing team leadership in opportunity identification, strategic thinking, development and implementation... READ MORE

AP | Creative Director – New York City, USA

AP is a highly accomplished Creative Director with over 15 years' experience working on brands like Dove, Lindt, and Samsung. AP's success is built on a foundation of design thinking and problem solving working on creative strategies and insight-driven brand innovation, identities, packaging, 3D... READ MORE

LL | Multimedia Designer – New York City, USA

LL is a multifaceted candidate who has experience working with clients in the New York and Toronto markets. LL's background is in media and worked in the consumer marketing space on over 130 brands. He is adept at juggling multiple priorities and changing requirements. LL has experience designing... READ MORE

DL | Creative Director – New York City, USA

DL is a Creative Director with nearly 20 years' experience in the industry, half of which have specifically been at the Creative Director level. DL's creative career began in product development, working on a candy brand for Disney and adding toys to the mix over time. He has worked extensively... READ MORE

TT | Web Developer – Cincinnati, USA

TT is a Web Developer who has experience working with ReMax, Clear Channel, and 5/3 Bank. This experience includes working to develop large full scale websites, email marketing campaigns, and web applications. TT's skillset includes the ability to handle QA work, create documentation, integrate SEO... READ MORE

JS | Digital Content Manager – Cincinnati, USA

JS is a Digital Content Manager with strong project management skills. In a previous role JS was the sole content manager and web administrator on staff and was responsible for the development, maintenance and upkeep of four e-commerce sites. JS used organic SEO tactics to increase page visibility... READ MORE

JD | Production Manager – Cincinnati, USA

JD is a Production Manager with over 10 years' experience problem-solving and identifying solutions, both independently or collaboratively in a team. JD has experience is wide ranging including maintaining vendor relationships, handling quality assurance issues, receiving and trafficking client... READ MORE

DL | Creative Director – Cincinnati, USA

DL is a Creative Director with nearly 20 years' experience in the industry, half of which have specifically been at the Creative Director level. He has worked for the retailer Darice, in addition to Hasbro, Funology in NYC, and Cap Toys. DL's creative career began in product development, working on... READ MORE

MW | Graphic Designer – Toronto, Canada

  MW is a graphic designer with over 9 years' experience, specializing in web and mobile design. MW has extensive experience developing effective user interface, artwork and templates and has overseen the responsive redesign of sites to create an improved user experience. She has worked closely... READ MORE

AT | Production Designer – Toronto, Canada

AT is a talented Production Designer whose work includes a multitude of production design and layout work for brochures, flyer and other various types of printed projects including, packaging, product design, pattern design, catalogues and stationery. In addition to her production experience, AT... READ MORE