Founded by Mandy Gilbert in 2002, Creative Niche started with a vision: to create a successful professional services agency with an intuitive, humanizing approach to matching clients and talent.

The results speak for themselves.


At Creative Niche, we know that great people create great organizations. That’s why we build teams, not just fill positions. It’s this approach that has led us to become the largest recruiting firms of its kind, with more than 80,000 professionals on our roster, a vast network of Fortune 500 clients, tech companies, and creative agencies.

The Niche Experience

Some may call us picky, but we call it precision. That’s because we’re not just looking for what’s on-paper. Shared values, a supportive culture, and collaborative team members all rank high on our recruitment criteria.

Whether you’re looking for talent or your next career move, our extensive network gives you access to industry trailblazers, innovative leaders, and passionate professionals that were hand-picked by our selective team. We’re so sure of it, we guarantee all permanent placements.

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The Creative Impact

Nichers Give Back is a program that was created to help give back to our community. We were tired of talking about all the causes and organizations that needed help. So, we decided to get out there and be the help. We’re sending our team out individually and in groups to volunteer somewhere near and dear to their hearts.

Our goal: to be there, present, and help in any way we can. From serving breakfast, caring for animals, to helping on a business level - we’re committed to making a difference.

Giving back plays a pivotal role in why we do what we do. Since our inception, we have donated more than $2M in time and direct funding to a wide array of charities. This includes The Remix Project, which provides creative arts education and mentorship to disadvantaged youth. Other initiatives include environmental non-profits to organizations battling homelessness, as well as mentoring and career support to university and college students across Canada.

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