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The Hottest Jobs to Hire For in 2019

Jade Yourth
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When it comes to talent acquisition, companies are often faced with the same questions: What
talent will we need to acquire to stay competitive, and how do we keep them? With a constantly
changing landscape, this can be tricky to predict. Luckily, we’ve recently released the Third
Edition of the Talent Forecast to help direct you on what to look for this coming

Thanks to evolving technology, consumer demands, and client expectations, there’s never been
a greater need for professionals who can stay ahead of the curve. At Creative Niche, we tap into
decades of our industry knowledge to carefully select talent so your company can stay
competitive in todays market.

Whether it’s Fortune 500 companies or creative agencies, every organization relies on finding
people today for the jobs of tomorrow. Here are four areas of talent that are leading the way.

Data Insights. Understanding your companies data is crucial to its success and growth,
which is why a data and insights team is becoming increasingly important for organizations. The
information gathered from data can help drive smarter and more effective marketing campaigns.
These types of roles usually require several qualified individuals to gather and interpret this
data. Highly sought-after roles include Data Analysts, Business Analysts, and Data Scientists.

Strategy. From social media content to launching new products, it is key for a company to
properly map out a strategy for their brand and overall public perception. Often times this
requires a team of highly qualified individuals to devise and execute properly. This team should
include a Brand Strategists, Employer Brand Strategists, Social Media Strategists, Content
Strategists, and User Experience (UX) Strategists. These roles can help develop a well rounded
and effective strategy for your organization.

Marketing. Marketing encompasses many different areas, all of which are equally important to
the success of a business. Companies desire talent that are able to implement email marketing
campaigns and optimize websites. This department should not only be versatile, but also able to
understand customer acquisition and drive sales. Some important roles to consider hiring for
include a Content Marketing Manager, Growth Marketing Manager, Influencer Relations, and a
Social Media Specialist.

Creative and Production. As a saturated and competitive market, companies need to find a
way to stand out in the crowd. The best way to accomplish this is to hire a strong creative team
that understands your brand vision, and can communicate this effectively.
These professionals will be able to handle all aspects of content creation; from designing your
company website and writing compelling content, to directing photo and video shoots for
marketing collateral. Ideally, you will want to build a team that includes some combination of a

Creative Content Producer, Content Writers, Motion Graphic Designers, Video
Editors/Producers, UX Designer, Visual Designer, UX Writer, and an Accessibility Designer.

We hope that these predictions can give you some insight into the coming year and help you
acquire the hottest talent to keep a competitive edge in the market. To learn more other jobs
that are critical for company growth, check out our 2019 Talent Forecast.