We have the systems and tools to make talent recruitment, screening and contract negotiations a business-building breeze. That means less time spent finding game-changing creative talent, and more time spent achieving your organization's strategic business objectives.

As any executive or HR professional knows, recruiting and hiring permanent employees is almost never an easy task. It takes time, money and a great deal of energy to attract the kind of creative professionals your organization needs to produce industry-leading work. Reviewing hundreds of resumes and interviewing countless candidates is like a job unto itself. That’s not including time spent on the offer and contract negotiation process. You’re probably breaking a sweat just thinking about it!

Not to worry, we’re here to handle the time-consuming heavy lifting involved with hiring permanent staff. How? It all starts by building a list of your organization’s talent must-haves, then combing our network to find the perfect match. We’ve built an extensive network of creative professionals and continuously work to grow our pool of talent, while maintaining strong working partnerships with a range of top, talent-rich creative industry associations including ADC Global, FITC, IHAVEANIDEA and RGD.

Our team will then design a customized recruitment strategy that includes a tailor-written job description and marketing plan to build buzz around your specific employment opportunity to attract top applicants. Each candidate you meet will first be screened by our recruitment specialists who use a combination of in-depth interviews, hands-on skills testing, portfolio review and professional reference checks to ensure we only present the right professionals to your hiring managers.

We also help manage the offer process to help produce a successful, long-term engagement. Best of all, each permanent placement is guaranteed, so you can rest assured that even in the unlikely event that a new hire doesn’t work out, we’ll find a suitable replacement.

Our high-touch service translates into reduced employee attraction costs, improved retention rates, and the chance to produce the kind of marketing-communications work that showcases the very best products and services your organization has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Let’s talk about how Creative Niche can help find your next, great permanent creative hire!