February 5, 2024

Fast 3 Issue 1

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Unlocking Leadership

Our Founder & CEO, Mandy Gilbert, took the stage at Elevate

Mandy's talk at Elevate garnered overwhelming attention, and now it's available for you to watch. Discover how Mandy connected her own life lessons with the consequences of failed leadership, and the strategies she used for overcoming them.

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Are you in the Greater Toronto Area and interested in hosting a team off-site or brainstorm session at Creative Niche?

This complimentary and exclusive service is tailored for our most important clients. If you'd like to view images of our space or check for availability, feel free to reach out.

Are you Expected to do More with Less?

Several clients continue to be in a resource containment phase, yet they're still expected to get new projects out the door. So how are they doing it, and how are they overcoming their internal hurdles and getting support they need?

Book a candid, confidential chat to learn how they’re doing it.