It’s true: great talent is hard to find, but not if you’re looking in the right place. With more than 20,000 design, communications, digital, and marketing candidates in our network, Creative Niche is equipped to finding the perfect match effortless.

Finding the right freelance or temporary help is all about leveraging your professional network. Don’t have an extensive one? That’s where we come in. We’ve built a network of more than 20,000 creative professionals from around the world, nearly all of whom have chosen to work with Creative Niche based on our great industry reputation—not that we like to brag. Great buzz about our firm has also helped us build strong relationships with some of the world’s leading organizations, from Fortune 500 corporations, to ad agencies, design boutiques and government organizations. They appreciate our competitive rates and the fact that we attract the world’s top creative professionals, not to mention our deep industry knowledge and lightning-fast turnaround times. What keeps them coming back for more? We understand the increasingly-challenging demands that limited budgets, tight deadlines and the need for brand-defining work place on clients across industries. That’s why our recruitment specialists work hard to ensure they understand your project requirements and expectations, then deliver the right person for the job—every time. We’re not the type of firm that sends out candidates with fingers crossed, hoping they can deliver. In a busy work environment, you simply don’t have time to experiment with service providers. Instead, we only deliver strong, proven creative talent that can get the job done and make your organization shine. We admit that might sound like a lofty promise, but our candidate screening is extensive, involving intensive one-on-one interviews between our recruitment experts and candidates. We then check multiple references and can even process credit and criminal background checks. Best of all, we have the systems in place to test candidates’ skills across a wide range of functional areas including design production, web development and proofreading, to name just a few. It all adds up to the peace of mind that the candidate you hire has the right skills for the job.