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Aug 27, 2015

6 Things You’re Doing That Will Ruin Your Big Job Interview

Job hunting is a long, gruelling process that will test your perseverance, self-esteem, and patience. Writing or updating a resume is a... READ MORE

Aug 25, 2015

What recruiters and casting directors have in common

  Casting directors are the unsung heroes of film who do nothing but cast actors in films. Arguably, there are few responsibilities on a... READ MORE

Aug 20, 2015

Fast Company: Making Company Culture Stick

In our rapidly-expanding digital world, one major factor that differentiates one successful company from the next is its culture. A company... READ MORE

Aug 19, 2015

Creative Niche’s Theresa Casarin to host FITC Web Unleashed panel on...

Imagine your fridge communicating with your mobile phone without much (or any) direct involvement from its owner—just an automatic... READ MORE

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