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Secure the perfect talent from the start. We collaborate with you to understand your requirements and match you with remarkable individuals who are guaranteed to impress.

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Unmatched access to exceptional leaders in design, marketing, product, creative, strategy, and digital.

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At Creative Niche, we have the ability to attract highly skilled professionals who are currently employed but open to the right opportunity.

Why choose us?

Our committed consultants, exceptional talent, and collaborative partnerships ensure unparalleled results for your business. It's our proven winning trifecta.

Committed Consultants

Unwavering dedication and personalized attention. We focus solely on permanent hiring and handle a limited number of positions at a time, ensuring you receive the time and focus you deserve.

Exceptional Talent

Our team will tap into our extensive global network, connecting you with exceptional individuals who may not be actively seeking opportunities but are open to the right match.

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. Our Consultants are experts in recruiting for marketing, creative, and experience design roles, and they add value throughout the entire hiring process.

Who we collaborate with

Our client partnerships span from Startups to Fortune 500 companies. We assist in appointing Co-Founders, Leaders in Design, Product, Marketing, and Strategy, as well as C-Suite Executives. Our collaborations extend across corporate, startup, agency, and not-for-profit ecosystems.

DeloitteUniversity Health NetworkCapital OneRootsWealthsimple
DeloitteUniversity Health NetworkCapital OneRootsWealthsimple

Our approach to work

Step 1


Kick off meeting

To fully understand the role, leadership style, and team composition.

Recruitment strategy

Document to identify direct competitors, aspirational brands and companies that might be less obvious to ensure we are considering all potential A+ hires for you.

Communication plan

Because you only get one chance to make a great first impression with great talent.

Step 2


Present our top-tier talent

Present our top-tier talent to you with key career highlights, why we feel they would be a great fit, and updated resume, portfolio.


We will be by your side to ensure a smooth and successful offer process is completed.

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Want to learn more about us or get our team working on a search, we’d love to hear from you!

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