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Integrate experienced recruiters into your team for flexible 3-12 month sprints, enabling scalable workforce growth without budget constraints.

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DeloitteUniversity Health NetworkCapital OneRootsWealthsimple

We offer a solid foundation for Founders and Leaders to build their teams upon.

We're experts at delivering speedy, top-notch results at a great value, surpassing other agencies in the market by matching our expert recruiters, exclusively focused on your organization, directly into your team. You can expect the same exceptional level of service and access to exceptional talent, all while benefiting from a pricing structure that can be tailored to your specific hiring requirements.

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Why subscription model?

Set it and forget it

Our embedded model is tailored to address the crucial challenges faced by high-growth teams, ensuring the momentum needed to attract top talent.

In today's competitive landscape for digital, marketing, creative, and design skills, partnering with us enables you to scale your candidate pipeline, outperform competitors, and secure the high-speed, high-quality talent that drives success.

Competitive edge

The competition for digital, marketing, creative, design skills has never been more fierce.

When you’re growing your startup or building your team, having a partner that can scale your pipeline of candidates, help you to acquire talent against your competitors, and deliver the speed and quality of talent needed to win is really the difference between success and failure.

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How it works

We've got you covered

Our process includes comprehensive candidate sourcing and talent pipelines, providing you with access to the entire market. We create compelling stories, recruiting assets, and messaging to drive candidate conversion.

We also design the interview process and handle scheduling on your behalf. Additionally, we offer strategies to enhance diversity and inclusion in your recruiting process, as well as talent mapping and headhunting from key competitors in your market.

No fixed labour costs

Flexible packages and adjustments based on your specific business needs. No more big fees that can throw off budgets or cash flow.

We prioritize reducing your cost-per-hire while fostering a strong partnership and mutual investment in each other's success. This accountability drives us to tackle the market with purpose and determination.

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Here's how we differentiate ourselves

Cost Savings and Fast Results

Choosing to rely solely on internal recruiters can also lead to long-term cost burdens, especially if you need short-term support. Additionally, internal recruiters require a significant ramp-up time, whereas we can establish an active talent pipeline within a week. By partnering with us, you benefit from an outside-in perspective and access to a broader pool of talent.

Your Trusted Partner

Contingency search recruitment often entails higher cost-per-hire and is not as sustainable for businesses and teams requiring multiple hires over an extended period. As an extension of your business, we provide shared applicant tracking, regular reports, and monthly content to enhance your employer brand.

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