February 1, 2024

4 Tips for Finding the Right Recruiter who Specializes in Hiring Freelancers

Michelle Park
Engagement Director
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Do you feel like the path to hire freelancers or contractor is a complete gamble? One wrong hire can lead to project delays, or worse yet, completed projects but with so many issues it detracts from what you were setting out to accomplish in the first place.

Instead of going through this headache, try a freelance recruitment agency from the get-go. Not only are they able to find top-tier talent who are committed to any size of project, great agencies also manage the candidate relationship, along with paying the talent, giving them benefits (that are not out of pocket), and conducting regular check-ins to ensure project satisfaction.

Once you’ve settled on hiring a freelance recruitment agency, there are several things you need to think about. Do they have industry expertise? Do they have a track record of delivering for their clients and candidates? Do they have a robust screening process? Do they have a network that aligns with your industry and specific needs? What are the Google reviews saying about them?

Let’s delve into these four areas, and what makes a freelance recruitment agency great for each of them.

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Tip #1: Seek out industry expertise freelance projects

The phrase “trying to fit a square peg into a round hole” is fairly apt when it comes to finding the right freelance recruitment agency to help you with hiring. Would you hire an agency that specialises in hospitality when you’re in tech? Healthcare if your business is manufacturing? A general staffing agency if your needs are specific to creative?

But this isn't just about the mismatch of skills or network. With 8.2% of Canadians shifting to freelance work, a great freelance recruitment firm is able to identify the talent that will actually meet the demands of your projects.

Here's why a recruiter with a finger on the pulse of your industry is your ideal match:

✓ Grasps your sector’s challenges

They're not just recruiters; they're industry insiders with a network of talent that is actually relevant to you. They understand the unique challenges and needs of your sector, ensuring candidates are more than just qualified—they're compatible.

✓ Streamlines your hiring process

With an eye for what truly matters in your field, and pre-existing relationships, these recruiters fast-track the hiring process, delivering candidates who fit like a glove, saving you time and resources.

The recruiters role isn't just to write a job description, create the job posting and call it a day. They make sure experienced freelancers are seeing your challenge, getting excited to potentially work on it, and then having the chance to show-off their experience and capabilities to be hired by your business.

✓ Taps into the right talent pool

Their network is your net gain. Tapping into a deep pool of industry-specific talent, they can even deliver candidates for those unique projects. The core is that they're able to identify the target audience for the potential project, and reach out to whom they think would be the best fit.

Depending on what the project entails, a great recruiter isn't trying to sell you on industry leading talent, which comes at a cost, but they're able to think about the experience level required, and find mid level freelancers when it's what is required by the project. 

In the end, partnering with a recruiter who lives and breathes your industry is more than smart – it's strategic. They're the bridge to talent that not only meets the mark but supercharges your team's potential.

Tip #2: Verify their track record and reputation

Your freelance recruitment agency is going to be a direct reflection of your employer brand . Their reputation becomes linked to your reputation. This choice reflects directly on your company's image and values because your agency is going to go to market and start talking about your brand, team, and projects. A partner with a stellar track record doesn't just fill positions; they can enhance your brand's reputation by association.

Their past successes and reputation in the industry is a good starting point to ensure alignment with your company's vision and culture, making every hire not just an addition but a valuable asset to your team's dynamics and productivity.

Here’s your checklist to ensure you're partnering with the right freelance recruiter:

✓ Investigate success stories

Don't just skim the surface; dive deep into the recruiter's history. Look beyond the numbers and ask how they've overcome challenges and leveraged opportunities. Success stories and case studies paint a picture of their expertise and approach in the field.

✓ Look for testimonials

There’s no endorsement like that from candidates and previous clients. Testimonials offer unfiltered insight into the recruiter's effectiveness, work ethic and impact. These are the voices of experience, guiding you towards a trustworthy partnership.

✓ Scrutinise online reviews

Google reviews are the litmus test of credibility. They offer a panoramic view of the recruiter's interactions with both candidates and clients. Compare reviews to gauge consistency in performance and professionalism. Remember, your recruitment partner is an extension of your brand; their online footprint offers critical clues about their standing in the market.

Tip #3: Assess candidate quality and screening process

The real test of a freelance recruiter's calibre? Their ability to discern not just good, but great freelancer talent. It involves peering beyond the resume to see the potential impact a candidate can have on your team and projects.

A recruiter's discerning eye for aptitude aligns not just with the job description but with the intangible qualities that ensure seamless integration into your company's culture is what sets them apart. This holistic approach to candidate evaluation is what ensures the longevity and success of each placement.

Here's how to peel back the layers:

Vet the vetting process

A top-tier screening process is a recruiter’s secret sauce. It involves getting into the nuances of a candidate's skills, experience, and crucially, their fit with your company's culture. This rigorous vetting ensures that you're presented with candidates who are poised to thrive in your business’ environment.

Quality over quantity

Understanding the recruiter's approach to identifying and evaluating candidates is key. It's about the assurance that they prioritise quality, aligning their search with your specific needs and expectations. This insight gives you confidence in their ability to deliver future team stars.

The recruiters level of expertise is important, because only those who are experienced knows the language required to entice industry leaders to begin freelancing in the first place.

Sample the goods

Request a sample candidate presentation. This sneak peek into how they showcase talent can be incredibly telling. A detailed, well-crafted profile speaks volumes about the freelance recruiter's attention to detail and dedication to quality.

On the flip side, a lacklustre summary riddled with errors is a red flag. This exercise is about gauging the recruiter's commitment to excellence and their ability to communicate a candidate's true value.

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Tip #4: Tap into their network and reach

When it comes to finding the right people, it's all about who your recruiter knows, and just as importantly, where they know them from.

In other words, it’s their ability to navigate this vast network efficiently and effectively that ensures you're presented with candidates who are the perfect fit for your organisation. This expansive reach, combined with a keen understanding of your business, ensures that your recruitment partner is fuelling your company’s growth journey.

Let's explore the how and why:

Wide net, better catch

That phrase “birds of a feather flock together” is pretty apt when it comes to knowing that talent we already work with, likely know someone with a matching skill set if they're unavailable. Quality over quantity is where a recruiter excels, because they’re able to identify from a large network who they should be talking to on day one. Great recruiters get these conversations going, which turns into quick placements with top talent.

Home turf advantage

Knowing the region you’re looking to grow in is why partnering with a freelance recruitment agency is so vital. They know the talent market in any given city, and they’re able to pinpoint when talent becomes available and ready to work a freelance project. Timing is everything, so knowing the ins-and-outs of the local market ensures you get talent before it’s snagged by someone else.

Fresh talent on tap

How often are they bringing experienced freelancers into the fold? It's not just about having a deep pool; it's about how fresh the water is. You want a recruiter who's always on the lookout, not just recycling the same mid level freelancers. With so many industries and skill sets constantly changing, a great freelance recruiter knows when someone is up-to-date and experienced with emerging skills, knowledge and best practices.

Final words from a top freelance recruitment agency

Selecting the right freelance recruitment agency is a critical decision for successful talent acquisition. Key considerations include choosing a recruiter with industry expertise to access a relevant talent pool, investigating track records and reputations through success stories and testimonials, prioritising recruiters with a discerning eye for candidate quality, and opting for those with a vast network and local presence to ensure sustained growth.

These tips provide a concise guide for businesses navigating the freelance recruitment landscape, promoting both immediate and long-term success.

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