January 8, 2024

New Year New Opportunities with Freelancers

Michelle Park
Engagement Director
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As business needs constantly change or evolve, companies must find ways to adapt if they want to remain competitive. What worked five years ago isn’t going to be your best option today, so it’s crucial to understand what modern hiring practices look like, as well as the resources available to businesses of all sizes.

Does it make sense to hire full time roles to solve short term problems? Does hiring a full-time creative expert require a full-time salaried commitment? Fractional engagements are a growing trend, and hiring freelancers offers another way to  accomplish your business objectives, while also remaining agile and lean.

Looking Back: The Freelancer Market in 2023

The freelance and contract market has been growing within Canada, with 28% of adults participating in some sort of freelance activity. On a global scale, the gig economy is expected to exceed $455 billion. 

It’s important for leaders to understand the advantages of working with contractors and freelancers for all kinds of projects and business scaling needs. Not only is it convenient and cost-effective, but it gives you the freedom to work with people who specialize in different aspects of your business and ongoing projects.

Of course, finding the right freelancer is no simple task, which is why it’s so beneficial to work with a specialized firm like Creative Niche—an industry-leading recruitment company with unparalleled access to top-tier freelance talent.

The Year of the Flexibility Advantage - 2024

More and more young people, such as 45% of gen z’s, are flocking to freelancing and contracting as a way to have a flexible work environment that makes sense for them. Covid, in particular, catalyzed the freelance push. This means an entire generation of highly skilled workers want to work with business on a project-by-project basis, or pre-determined timeline.

This shift corresponds to companies hiring freelancers, providing significant advantages like freedom and flexibility. As businesses aim to scale, they often encounter fluctuating workloads, making project-based engagements more suitable than maintaining a full-time employee roster. 

Additionally, uncertain economic circumstances typically result in headcount pauses, sometimes even layoffs, which make way for the freelance or contract model. After all, campaigns, content, and product launches still need to get out the door. 

The challenge is finding the right talent without going through a trial-and-error process. When a freelancer doesn’t work out, or leaves abruptly, it can become a significant inconvenience. Here, a specialized recruitment firm with established freelancer & contractor relationships plays a crucial role. They grasp the need for business and freelancer flexibility, drawing from their network of established relationships  to find good, reliable candidate(s) for business needs.

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Get Access to Top-Tier Talent in the New Year

Engaging freelancers  can also streamline the hiring process, eliminating arduous interviews and onboarding associated with full-time roles, since the KPIs are usually output-focused. Despite not being full-time employees, maintaining a regular working relationship with freelancers is feasible, and leaning on them as your projects ebb & flow. 

Working with contractors might raise concerns about brand and technical training, but this is a misconception. Reputable recruitment agencies provide access to talent with extensive experience working alongside a multitude of businesses, so part of their expertise lies in their ability to quickly immerse in a company's industry, voice, and brand. 

Freelancers for specific projects offer a more focused approach, allowing you to hire someone who excels in the current project's requirements rather than a broad, long-term engagement

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Build Company Resilience Through Freelancers

Hiring a freelancer is an excellent way to supplement your full-time employees' workload on new projects without compromising on productivity. Freelancers excel at adapting to market changes and solving problems, making them a valuable resource during hiring freezes or tight budgets.

Creative Niche provides you with access to a pre-vetted, well-established talent network. Whether you require support on design, copy, product, video, social, our team can scale your team on a project basis, giving you the piece of mind that the budget you spend on freelancers will have a direct impact on your business. yWe handle freelancers' classification, payment, and benefits, allowing you to focus exclusively on the work at hand. 

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Start Hiring Freelancers Today

When it comes to scaling your business, freelancers can offer you the expertise you need at a moment’s notice, without the commitment of traditional employment expenses. No matter your industry, Creative Niche has the talent and resources you need to set yourself apart from the competition.

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