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We've helped hundreds of New York businesses hire critical roles. Our team specializes in getting hiring right the first time, with an emphasis on everything from Product to Marketing, Account Management to C-Suite Executives.

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“I can’t speak more highly of Creative Niche, they were great to me as a candidate and have continued to be our go-to outside-recruiter.”

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DeloitteUniversity Health NetworkCapital OneHome XRootsWealthsimpleNorthone

Why We're NYC's
Top Recruitment Agency

We love New York City, and you can see it with the clients we've worked with. Everything from household names to emerging businesses, we've filled over 14,000 roles, and we're now looking to grow our roster of clients.

We want you to focus on your business. Leave recruitment to us.

Our approach

Flexible service models tailored to suit the requirements of any expanding New York City business. We specialize in recruiting for a diverse range of clients, including:


Start-ups that are launching innovative products and services into the market.


Consultancies and Agencies that assist their end clients in discovering new avenues for growth.


Corporations that are developing new capabilities within their organizations.


VC's, startup accelerators, and venture studios that focus on building and scaling new businesses.

Some Of The Roles We Hire For In NYC

You require top-tier-talent that can deliver and you need them promptly. We provide assistance to New York City based Startups, Agencies, Corporations, and Consultancies in recruiting professionals. Below are a few of the areas where we specialize.


Are you seeking ways to expand your business but feeling uncertain about where to begin? Marketing teams play a pivotal role in reaching your target customers and clients.

Creative Niche has a track record of assisting numerous NYC-based businesses in strengthening their marketing teams, encompassing various aspects such as Growth, Social Media, Brand Management, and beyond.

Marketing Roles We Specialize In Hiring


Understanding customer needs and turning them into actionable strategies is where Product teams shine. From conducting user research to making decisions about product development, this is their specialized field.

For more than two decades, Creative Niche has been a trusted partner for numerous NYC businesses in recruiting top-notch Product Managers, Product Analysts, UX/UI Designers, and other professionals.

Product Roles We Specialize In Hiring


Is your brand in need of a revitalization, or does your Creative team require additional expertise to complement its current capabilities?

Creative Niche has a proven track record of assisting NYC-based businesses in recruiting Copywriters, Designers, Editors, and other professionals to expand their Creative teams, enhancing their ability to present their business in the most compelling way.

Creative Roles We Specialize In Hiring

Acount Management

Engaging in a conversation with a client remains unparalleled in swiftly ascertaining their requirements and timing. The primary mission of Account Management teams is to collaborate with customers and clients, transforming their needs, challenges, and issues into valuable insights that benefit the entire organization.

Creative Niche excels in the art of expanding your Account Management team, offering access to top-tier professionals including Account Managers, Account Analysts, Account Executives, and various other roles.

Account Roles We Specialize In Hiring


The success of a business increasingly hinges on the performance of its Digital team. Whether their focus is on marketing, product development, or design, Digital teams strive to enhance your online presence.

Whether your goal is to attract more customers or enhance your online visibility, Creative Niche provides access to top-notch Digital experts in NYC and beyond.

Digital Roles We Specialize In Hiring


Social teams' focus is on how you present yourself to your ideal customers on the most current social platforms. They are responsible for building your online presence, handling interactions, and ensuring that your attention-grabbing creatives reach the intended audience.

Creative Niche recognizes the pivotal role of Social teams in companies, which has driven us to assist numerous businesses. We have access to industry leading social personnel, who are looking for opportunities to excel.

Social Roles We Specialize In Hiring


When your business is investing in the creation of attention-grabbing creative content and writing, it's crucial to have individuals who can oversee the entire process, from conception to delivery.

Creative Niche has a proven track record of assisting businesses in locating the ideal production leaders to guarantee the punctual completion of large-scale projects.

Production Roles We Specialize In Hiring


Effectively conveying your brand is crucial when aiming to connect with your ideal customers and clients. Content teams are responsible for providing written content for your website, advertisements, blogs, and other platforms.

Creative Niche has access to experts in most industries who have written content for everything from Startups to Agencies, and everything in-between.

Content Roles We Specialize In Hiring

Hiring For Multiple Positions?

Creative Niche helps businesses hire one, two or several roles at a time. We've helped dozens of New York City companies build entire teams that deliver results.

If you're looking to grow a team to help your business scale, NYC's top recruitment firm, Creative Niche, is prepared to help.

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What our clients say

“I can’t speak more highly of Creative Niche, they were great to me as a candidate and have continued to be our go-to outside-recruiter.”

Chief Creative Officer
Financial Institution

“Creative Niche has been a tremendous support to us at Huge for years, having filled over 50 roles across digital, content, UX/UI, and project management. It can be challenging to find the right person, but the team takes the stress away and always finds us the perfect fit! From their communication to sourcing to processing, they are one of the best creative recruitment agencies and we look forward to continued success with them.”

Global Chief Client Partner

"A huge thank you to your efforts as it relates to the development of our team! You not only helped find so many of the amazingly talented people who now make up our ranks but more importantly, you helped us articulate our vision of the talent offering behind our agency brand. You were right there by our side every step of the way. Looking forward to this next chapter of our relationship!"

EVP & Managing Director

“I am so happy that I had your support in finding us a star candidate who is doing so well in her role! With seven months in, she's already contributed so much. As my first time working with a recruitment agency, I have been really impressed with the result and my experience has been nothing but positive. I loved my dedicated CN team’s open communication, shared feedback and suggestions, and the quality of talent presented!”

Director, Digital Marketing
Consumer Packaged Goods

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Frequently asked questions

When did Creative Niche start?

Creative Niche was started over 20 years ago in Toronto. It's been a whirlwind of growth for both our business and our clients, and what we've learned along the way is that we're ready to take on any challenge thrown at us.

Who started Creative Niche?

Our founder Mandy Gilbert is an entrepreneur, investor & speaker. Starting Creative Niche in 2002, the firm has grown to specialize in creative, digital, marketing, account management and more. Mandy lives in Toronto and is a weekly columnist for Inc.

Do you specialize in executive recruitment? 

Creative Niche won Forbes top executive recruitment firm in 2020. We've helped placed CXOs of all kinds, and our connections across industries means we're ready to take on any challenge filling an executive role.