February 3, 2020

How Can You Prepare Your Company for an Unpredictable Future? Start by Hiring for These 3 Roles

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It's not just about finding great people. It's about hiring for the future.

If there's one thing that keeps business owners up at night, it's talent. Finding the right people for your business to survive and thrive is no easy task. It doesn't matter what industry or how much your earnings are; the challenge of hiring and retaining high-performing staff will always remain a commonality between organizations.

And that's not all. Unfortunately, it's not just about finding great people. It's also about hiring for the future. To outpace your competitors and stay in tune with your customers, you'll need people with the foresight and skills to get you there. 

As someone who's been in the recruitment and staffing industry for over two decades, it's my job to forecast talent and ensure our clients not only find amazing people, but also future-proof their business with essential roles to make their businesses grow.Now that we've entered a new decade, investing in your workforce is always a sound way to spend funds. So if you're thinking of growing your team in order to grow your profits, consider adding these roles to your roster.

Data scientists help you "steer the ship" when it comes to your business by making decisions rooted in data.

Data Scientist

A step up from a Data Analyst, Data Scientists have a unique blend of analytical and communication skills. They're mathematicians, scientists, and transcribers all rolled into one. This position spends their days solving complex problems for businesses with data-driven solutions (and let's be real, every business runs on data-driven solutions)

Not only is this an extremely in-demand role, but it also requires an attractive salary.

Expect to pay between $120,000 and $160,000 for an experienced candidate. Some tips for characteristics to look out for in the interview process include someone who is extremely detail-oriented, curious, and highly analytical with great communication skills.  

Hiring a growth marketer helps you connect campaigns with data to make strong decisions.

Growth Marketing Manager

With a primary responsibility to create innovative and effective tactics to grow the business, Growth Marketing Managers build out specific plans to increase customer acquisition and drive sales. 

This position needs to keep sales numbers in mind when executing campaigns. They must analyze conversion funnels, identify areas for improvement, and implement strategies to capitalize on these opportunities.

This role typically demands a salary between $100,000 to $150,000. While this may seem high, their ability to grow the business should far outweigh the salary costs.

To be successful in this field, candidates must be creative, highly analytical, forward-thinking, and problem solvers. 

Knowing what to say and how to say it lead to establishing a brand that's strong at its roots.

Employer Brand Strategist

If you want to maintain and attract top talent, then I highly recommend hiring an Employer Brand Strategist. We all know there is a huge demand for talent, which puts sought-after candidates in the driver's seat. In other words, you have to put the effort into your organization's reputation to compete. 

An Employer Brand Strategist has his or her hand in marketing, talent, human resources, and strategy. They have access to tools that unveil the inner workings of a brand's internal and external perception. So to be successful in this field, candidates must be insightful, curious, and creative. In addition, they have to be 'a people person', with strong communication skills.

Expect to pay a salary between $90,000 to $140,000.